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Gifts & Promotional Items

When you need just the right promotional product or corporate gift at just the right price , BRANDTAG is the right place, we supply an extensive range of promotional products, imprinted promotional items and showcasing quality products that are sutable for any promotional marketing budget.


Any creative design, let it be a poster, a full page ad in a newspaper or even a 50 word classified ad gives your business the opportunity to reach out to your audience in unique ways. While different designing techniques that use various modes of communication may offer diverse features, what remains common is that they target to convince your audiences to market a product or service that your business sells. Creative Designing need to be a balance of just the right creative and content required to communicate your marketing message.
BRANDTAG offers you the very best creativeness's to advertise and market your business in a simple and expressive manner. We develop the designs for every mode by first studying the nature of the business, the product and the medium of marketing.

Design & Printing

We keep our prices vert competitive, our standards are high and our turnaraound is fast. If you have tight deadlines to meet, we undersand the impotance of having a reliable, quick and hassle free printing service and can offer, same day digital print and next day offset printing.


We keep our prices vert competitive, our standards are high and our turn-around is fast. If you have tight deadlines to meet, we understand the importance of having a reliable, quick and hassle free printing service and can offer, same day digital print and next day offset printing.Your business logo is not just an emblem that will appear on your website, business cards s and business collaterals, it is an identity for your business. It needs to be designed by creative directors who are able to beautifully convey your business nature and identity into a logo. BRANDTAG's logo creative experts have years of experience and believe that a logo must be the identity of a company’s business and growth. It should be simple and register in everyone's mind and reminds everyone about the company.

Exhibition Stands

We offer innovative and trendy stand designs and fully consultancy services for exhibitions and events across Middle East. We provide induvidually designed exhibition stands, contemporary modular display systems and pop-up systems for hire or purchase, at BRANDATAG we have the perfect solution.

Web & Social Media

The design for your website plays a crucial role in its success. The human mind seeks harmony and when a visitor to your site finds that the website design, content and development go hand in hand, they are pleased. Website design should be both pleasing to the eye and a reflection of your business. So if yours is a business associated with fun such as that of a party planner its design would be rather different from the website design for a law firm. Every website design should be distinct and in keeping with its purpose and audience. This is what our website designers use as a blueprint to base a design on. Please contact us to look at our website design portfolio for a better understanding of our quality of work. Our designers have the experience of working on website designs for an array of industries.

What else we provide?

Mainstream Media

Today’s media landscape is forever evolving. With our expertise and strong association with the media houses in the entire Middle East; we can help plan and negotiate the best deals - enabling you to reach your audience more frequently and ensuring that every penny of your media budget is optimally spent.

Social/Digital Media

A fully integrated Social Media unit of Stories to support businesses excel in the competetive online world.

  • Social Media Strategy Planning and Integration
  • Tailor-made strategies to Maximise ROI
  • End to end Execution on all popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest etc.
  • Performance Reporting and Analysis
  • Email / SMS


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Difficult in sourcing the items?




It  is a service of which we operates from our office. We specialise in the door to door distribution or leaflet distribution or Flyer Distribution of customers own leaflets or brochures. In addition we can design and print leaflets for most types of business in UAE. We are full team of the Direct Marketing. For inquires and demograph of each area, e-mail us to marketing@thebrandtag.com

Exhibition Stand Building

BRANDTAG is one kind of exhibition stand builders that meet the needs of our clients in and around UAE. The exhibition #stands can be adjusted to meet your corporate needs and ensure that they are most suitable to the nature of the business, products, areas, OH & S rules and regulations. we can help you to work with in your budget for building up the exhibition stand.

Gift a Pen

Search for the perfect pen? Corporate Gift Pens are the best item, which can be gifted to your clients in an economic way with your company logo. Pens are the best gift with the company logo, which will remain with them for a long time. Normally ‘pens’ are commonly used by everyone for their personal use, on office tables, on meetings along with the scribbling pad. 

Ceramic/Sublimation Mug

Ceramic Mugs are the best personalized item, which will be always be on a table, mugs can be branded and be gifted to your clients to give them a personalized approach. Ceramic Mugs come in wide range of colors and shapes, which can be branded with your company logo to any kind of full color print, it can be your clients smiling face to a personalized full color image.

Coffee cups

inspiring lives

-Jobless Single Mother
-Fought Depression
-Rejected by 12 publishers -Became the richest author

JK Rowling
Author, Harry Potter, $1 Billion

-Suffering from Dyslexia
-Performed poorly at School
-Now lives on an Island owned by him

Richard Brasnon
Creator, Virgin, $4.8 Billion

-Rejected by Facebook & Twitter
-Built an App that facebook later bought for 18 Billion

Brian Acton
Co-Founder, WhatsApp, $4.5 Billion

-At 21 , diagnosed with ALS, a disease that shuts down nerves
-Eventually lost ability to speak & move 
-Defied all odds & became a leading scientist

Stephen Hawking
Physicist, $20 Billion

-Rejected from 30 jobs including KFC
-Rejected from Harvard 10 times
-Failed school & college exams

Jack Ma
Founder Alibaba, $23.7 Billion

Who we are

At BRANDTAG we believe it’s the people that make the business. We are justly proud of our dynamic, committed and collectively inspired team

  • Innovation in Creativity that fits the customer's image and its brand strategy
  • Pricing that fits the customer's budget
  • A Fast Turn-around that fits the customer's timing

About us

BRANDTAG is an integrated full-service Agency, with good industry experience in communication and design within the GCC and India. We pride ourselves on our innate ability to craft and deliver truly innovative and compelling campaigns that talk directly to the people who matter the most.
We are passionate about our clients, their brands, and the work we do on their behalf.  If you’re looking for an agency to take your brand to the next level, just tell us what you want to achieve, and we will blend the perfect mix of strategy and creativity to ensure that you arrive at exactly where you want to be.

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